We are on the cusp of a convergence of computer vision, natural language understanding, strong and detailed simulators, and methodologies for transferring from simulation to the real world.

AI First

AI is embedded at every level, enabling dynamic interaction with the world. Menteebot integrates cutting-edge Sim2Real learning for lifelike gait and hand movement, NeRF-based real-time 3D mapping and localization, dynamic navigation in complex environments, and Large Language Models to build a cognitive map of the world and advanced task execution.

Fully capable handsThe arms and hands present a full range of motion and enough accuracy to perform delicate tasks.
Adjusting gait to handle weightThe robot automatically adjusts its gait when carrying a heavy load, as humans would do in such situations.
Menteebot is agileAdvanced Sim2Real learning technologies result in an agile robot that presents human-like movement and can walk in any direction, run, turn in place, balance, and squat.
Full body complex planning and controlA complete end-to-end cycle from a verbal command to complex task completion including navigation, locomotion, scene understanding, object detection and localization, grasping, and natural language understanding.
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